User-Data Customization Scenarios

There are five scenarios within which user-data customization is typically employed:
  • The posting of HTML forms by means of WebPageSubmit
  • The posting of XML data by means of WebUrlPostBin or WebCustomRequestBin
  • The posting of data for database applications by means of binding input data to SQL commands and stored procedures for database applications including Oracle OCI, DB2 CLI, and ODBC (by means of OraSet*, Ora8Set*, and OdbcSet*).
  • The posting of Oracle Forms control value changes (user input) by means of OraForms*Set functions.
  • The posting of Citrix user-input actions (for example, mouse events and keyboard inputs) by means of CitrixKey* and CitrixMouse* functions.
Note: User-data customization is not supported for terminal emulation applications, though input parameters can be manually edited in terminal-emulation test scripts.

In the case of HTML, parameterization is performed via form declarations. Parameterization replaces hard-coded form field values, as declared in the dclform sections of test scripts, with random variables.

For XML and database applications, parameterization takes place in the parameters of the above-mentioned function calls, where hard-coded parameter values are replaced with data-driven variables or random variables.