Viewing and Comparing WSDL Files

WSDL files are stored in project files. For older projects, you must update Web Service Proxy classes to store WSDL documents. This is done by updating individual Web Service Proxy classes with a new WSDL file.
  1. Select a Web Service Proxy class in the Loaded Components menu tree. A property called WSDL is displayed in the Input Data Properties field.
  2. Select the WSDL parameter and click browse (...). The WSDL View dialog box opens, which includes the original URL, the date the WSDL file was downloaded, and the contents of the WSDL file.
  3. Enter a URL in the Compare With text box and click Compare. The content check functionality compares the string contents of both files.
You are informed whether or not there is a difference between the files’ contents, but not what the specific difference is.