Adding MIB Files to Browse SNMP Agents

To browse SNMP agents for available performance counters, your MIB files must contain textual descriptions of performance counters.

  1. On the Real-Time Monitoring tab, in the Monitor group, click System.
  2. Click Select from predefined Data Sources and then click Next.
  3. Expand the Custom Data folder, click Snmp Data, and then click Next.
  4. In the Hostname field, specify the host running the SNMP agent.
  5. Optional: In the Alias text box, specify the alias name. The alias must be a highly descriptive synonym for the monitored server. It is recommended that you group measures on a particular machine. For example, both WebLogic and IIS might be installed on the same computer. Both servers require monitoring, but the two performance measures must appear in separate menu trees.
  6. Specify the port, community, and version that are appropriate and click Next.
  7. Select Import new Mib... from the Select a MIB, and object, and get the object's value(s) list.
  8. Type the MIB file name that you want to compile in the MIB source file field. Alternative: Click [...] to navigate to and select the file.

    Commonly used MIB files are located in the <public user documents>\Silk Performer 21.0\Data\Mibs\VendorMibs directory.

  9. Click Import. The MIB file is added to the Compiled MIBs list.