.NET Message Sample Overview

The message sample implements a message server that allows users to log in, view their message store, and send messages to other users. The sample is comprised of the following .NET technologies:
  • .NET Remoting
  • Web services
The sample contains the following components:
Component Description
MessageLib .NET library that defines the interfaces that are implemented by the server library.
MessageImpl Implementation of the MessageLib interfaces.

A simple console application that hosts the .NET Remoting objects that are implemented in MessageImpl.

An object that implements IObjectManager which can be activated at http://localhost:1999/ObjectManager.rem. You can change this setting in the config file.

MessageServerIIS The ObjectManager remoting object hosted by IIS.
MessageWebService This Web service exposes Web service methods for most of the methods implemented in the MessageImpl. The Web service does not host the objects of the MessageImpl directly. The Web service communicates with the .NET Remoting server.
MessageSimpleClient This simple client console application acquires the IObjectManager from the server application and calls methods on the object.
MessageWin32Client Win32 application that either connects to the .NET Remoting server or to the Web service. It provides an interface for logging in, checking messages, and sending messages.
MessageWebClient ASP.NET application that connects to the Web service and provides an interface for logging in, checking messages, and sending messages.

Component Interaction Example

The .NET Remoting server hosts a Singleton SAO (Server Activated Object) that client applications (Web Service, Win32 Client, Simple Client) can aquire by way of http://localhost:1999/ObjectManager.rem.

Image that shows the Components Interacting