WebUrlDelete Function


Sends a DELETE request to the HTTP/1.1 server. The DELETE method requests that the origin server delete the resource identified by the Request-URI. A successful response SHOULD be 200 (OK) if the response includes an entity describing the status, 202 (Accepted) if the action has not yet been enacted, or 204 (No Content) if the response is OK but does not include an entity.

Include file



WebUrlDelete( in sUrl  : string,
              in fWait : float optional): boolean;

Return value

  • true if the worker thread communicating with the server could be started successfully

  • false otherwise

Parameter Description
sUrl Complete URL to the file on the server
fWait Minimum time or minimum mean time that this function call has to last (optional). Default value is 0.0


transaction TWebHttp11
    // To have a resource we can delete, we first have to
    // upload a test file to the server.
    // Note that you will need write permissions
    WebUrlPutBin("http://standardhost/test.html","1234567890", 10, "text/txt", 0.0);
    // And now let’s delete it again:
    WebUrlDelete("http://standardhost/test.html", 0.0);
  end TWebHttp11;

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