Finding the Host ID

A license must be bound to a particular machine, either the license server for floating licenses or the Silk Performer controller machine for standalone licenses. To bind a license, a so-called host ID is required. In case of Silk Meter, the host ID is the MAC address of a LAN card, which can be obtained as follows:

  1. On the machine you want to generate the license for, open a command prompt and enter the command ipconfig/all. The network adapters and additional information is listed.
  2. Note the host ID, which is the MAC Address or Physical Address of your LAN card, for example 00-BF-00-1C-D3-3D.
    Tip: Depending on your system setup, including virtual machines and VPN connections, your computer might have several network adapters with different MAC addresses. Be sure to note the host ID of your physical LAN card.
In case of the AutoPass license server the host ID is called lock code and is displayed under LICENSE menu in the INSTALL tab. For further details about AutoPass license server installation and usage refer to the corresponding product page on the Micro Focus Marketplace.