Generating a Screen Region Synchronization During Recording

Screen synchronization is achieved via CitrixWaitForScreen functions, which are not scripted automatically by the recorder. These functions are inserted via the Screen Region dialog box during recording. CitrixWaitForScreen functions compare replay and record bitmaps to determine whether or not they are identical. Hash values, as opposed to actual bitmaps, are used to compare the images. This limits resource consumption during replay.

Note: Screen region synchronization is only available via the Silk Performer Citrix Recorder.
  1. Record a Citrix session and create a test script.
  2. During recording, click Select Region on the Silk Performer Citrix Recorder.
  3. Click and drag your cursor to select the screen region for which you want to generate a bitmap synchronization.
    Note: Because differences as small as a single pixel can cause synchronization processes to fail, it is recommended that for text verifications you select the minimum screen area required. Otherwise unanticipated screen differences (for example, disabled toolbars) may affect verification results.
  4. The Selection dialog box opens. Specify how you want to have screen region coordinates scripted (Script absolute coordinates, Script coordinates relative to window, or No coordinates, use full window). When windows are maximized there is effectively no difference between absolute and relative coordinates. When windows are not maximized, relative coordinates are measured from the top-left corner of the Citrix Recorder window, while absolute coordinates use fixed x/y coordinates.
  5. Specify the Content matching type that the Citrix XenApp player should wait for during replay (content match, content mismatch, or content change).
  6. Click OK to add the synchronization to your Citrix XenApp test script.