Getting the Latest Version of a File from the Source Control System

These instructions apply to the Get Latest Version command for individual scripts, include files, data files, and entire projects.

Note: See StarTeam, MS VSS, or PVCS documentation for full details regarding use of your SCC’s Get Latest Version command.
  1. In the Project menu tree, choose one of the following:
    • To get an individual file, right-click the file in the Project menu tree.
    • Right-click the Scripts, Data Files, or Include Files nodes to select all files of those types.
    • To get the latest version of an entire project, right-click the project node.
  2. Select Get Latest Version from the context menu. The Get Latest Version dialog opens, showing the local path where the file will be copied.
  3. If required, deselect individual files that you do not want to get.
  4. Click the Get button.
    Note: Get Latest Version commands do not change the checked-in/checked-out status of files. For example, if the Get Latest Version operation is performed on a file that is currently checked out, the file remains checked out (if the file is open, you will be prompted as to whether or not you want to have the file reloaded with the new version).