Source Control Integration

Silk Performer's source control integration (SCC integration, also referred to as source code control integration) enables you and other members of your organization to manage and share your Silk Performer project files, test scripts, custom include files, and data files in a common repository (source control system)—enabling file check-in, check-out, get-latest-version, and other functions typical of source control systems.

Silk Performer’s source control integration is facilitated by commands on the Silk Performer File menu ( File > Source Control ) and context menus in Silk Performer’s Project menu tree. All project nodes, script nodes, custom include file nodes, and data file nodes in the Project menu tree offer SCC commands.

In addition to offering commands that select all the files of complete projects (project file, custom include files, data files, and scripts), a sub-set of SCC commands that select only the project file are also available (you can easily check-in/check-out project files without overwriting associated script and data files).

Status icons in Silk Performer’s Project menu tree indicate the status of files under source control:

Silk Performer supports StarTeam, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and PVCS. Source control integration must be enabled in Silk Performer system settings ( Settings > System > Source Control ). You must have StarTeam, PVCS, or Visual SourceSafe installed on your system before source control integration can be enabled.