OraFormsPopListSelect Function


OraFormsPopListSelect selects an entry in a pop-up list. The element that is to be selected can either be defined by its textual representation or its index. A pop-up list is identified by a unique name or ID.

Include file



OraFormsPopListSelect( in sName    :  string;
                      in sLabel    :  string;
                      in nIndex    :  number optional, 
                      in nPosition :  number optional ) : boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful
  • false otherwise
Parameter Description
sName The control's unique ID.
sLabel If not NULL - The element with the defined label (textual representation) will be activated. If you pass NULL, you have to define the index of the item that should be activated in the next parameter.
nIndex If sLabel is NULL - This parameter defines the index of the element that should be activated. The index of the first element is 0.
nPosition If the control contains multiple entries with the same label, this parameter will be used to specify the nth position. The default value is 0.


 transaction TMain 
    sValue :  string; 
    // Connect - with connection properties 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_VERSION", 608); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_RESOLUTION",  96,  96); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_DISP_SIZE", 1024,  768); 
    OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_COLOR_DEPTH", 256); 
    OraFormsSetString( "FONT_NAME" , "Dialog" ); 
    OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_SCALE_INFO",  8,  18); 
    OraFormsSetBoolean( "WINSYS_REQUIREDVA_LIST",  false); 
    OraFormsConnect( "server module=Person3.fmx userid= useSDI=yes record=names"); 
    // New window activated: Logon 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "Logon"); 
    OraFormsLogon( "user",  "password",  "orcl_server"); 
    // --- 
    // New window activated: WINDOW1 
    OraFormsSetWindow( "WINDOW1"); 
    OraFormsSetFocus( "PERSON_GENDER"); 
    OraFormsPopListSelect( "PERSON_GENDER",  "Male",  0); 
    OraFormsPopListClose( "PERSON_GENDER"); 
    OraFormsMenuItem( "WINDOW1",  "Action::Exit"); 
  end TMain;