Configuring Project Agents

  1. On the Project menu tree, right-click the Project node and choose Configure Project Agents. The Configure Project Agents dialog box opens.
    Note: Place your cursor over an agent name to view that agent's system and agent-version details.
    Tip: Alternatively, click Assign Agents on the Silk Performer workflow bar. Then click the Configure Project Agents link on the Setup Agents dialog box.
  2. Double-click an agent computer in the Available Agents pane to add the agent to the project.
    Note: It is not possible to remove all agents from the Project Agents pane. Localhost is added by default when you leave the list empty.
  3. To add a foreign agent (indicated by a question mark icon) from the Project Agents pane to the agent pool, right click the agent and choose Add to Agent Pool. Foreign agents are agents that have been configured for a project that have not been added to the agent pool.
    1. To make a newly added agent available for assignment, click Configure Agent Pool and configure the agent on the System Settings - Agents page.
  4. To add an agent that does not appear in the Available Agents list to the agent pool, click Configure Agent Pool to go to the System Settings - Agents page.
  5. Click OK.