Configuring a SAP eCATT Connection

Connection details for Silk Performer’s communication with SAP eCATT must be specified in Silk Performer system settings. There are two options for connecting to SAP: You can either specify a SAPLOGONID or you can specify AS Host, RFC Type, and SystemNr settings. With either option you must specify client, language, username, and password details. Note that when you select a SAPLOGONID, the AS Host, RFC Type, and SystemNr fields are grayed out.

  1. Navigate to Settings > System .
  2. On the System Settings – Workbench dialog, select the SAPGUI group icon.
  3. The eCATT Connection page is selected by default. From the SAPLogon list box, select your SAP login ID.
    Note: This box is preconfigured with all available SAP login IDs.
  4. In the AS Host field, enter the combined router/application-server string (for example, H/
  5. In the RFC Type field, enter either 3 (for R/3) or 2 (for R/2).
  6. In the System NR field, enter the SAP system number.
  7. In the Client field, enter the internal client ID number from the SAP server (this is the value that must be entered on the SAP login screen).
  8. From the Language list box, select your language preference. The values EN (English) and DE (German) are preconfigured, though you can specify any other language abbreviation string if that language is installed on the SAP system.
  9. In the Username field, enter your SAP eCATT username.
  10. In the Password field, enter your SAP eCATT password.
  11. Once you have completed this dialog, click Test Connection to confirm that you have specified accurate connection details.
  12. Click OK to save your settings.