SAP eCATT Support

SAP eCATT has been integrated with Silk Performer. SAP’s eCATT facility allows you to create test scripts in SAP using the scripting language of your choice. eCATT allows you to use external test tools (for example, Silk Performer) while utilizing eCATT as a repository for your test scripts. eCATT also serves as a basic test management solution for triggering script executions. Not only can both internal and external scripts be executed individually, they can also be combined and executed in sequence.

eCATT offers import arguments, a mechanism for calling scripts with special input values. Scripts can not only receive input values, scripts can also set output values when they are executed; scripts can be executed in sequence, using input values derived from the output values of earlier script executions.

For full details regarding Silk Performer’s integration with SAP eCATT, refer to the SAPGUI Tutorial. For more information regarding eCATT, consult the SAP documentation.