Verification and Parsing Functions

Verifications and parsing are possible with most control types. TrueLog Explorer offers standard verification and parsing wizards for SAPGUI TrueLogs. All you need to do to access a wizard, is right-click a control in a screenshot or on the control tree. Via a context menu you can then launch the verification and parsing wizards.

Verification and parsing functions are scripted after the currently selected API node in the tree. Replay errors can result when verification and parsing functions are inserted after the last API call of a window. For example, if a currently selected API node is a button press on a Close button, the current window and all the controls of that window will be destroyed by this action. A verification/parsing function scripted after this call will therefore fail with a Handler not found error during replay. For this reason TrueLog Explorer prompts you to confirm that you wish to add verification/ parsing functions that are inserted on the last nodes of windows.

TrueLog Explorer allows you to add content checks to verify whether the content that is to be sent by servers is in fact received by clients under real-world conditions. For any SAPGUI function call in which input data is inserted, you can insert a return value verification function. Verification functions can be inserted from either Source view or the Controls menu tree.

By comparing replay test runs with record test runs, TrueLog Explorer allows you to confirm visually whether or not text, graphics, field data, and more are downloaded and displayed by clients while SAPGUI applications are under heavy load. This comparison allows you to detect a class of errors that other SAPGUI traffic simulation tools are not able to detect: Errors that occur only under load that are not detected with standard test scripts.

Content verification functions remain useful after system deployment as they can be employed in ongoing performance management.