Adding a Value Verification

By right-clicking a SAPGUI control that you want to have verified, the required verification function can be generated and inserted into your BDL script. TrueLog Explorer offers one pre-enabled value verification function for SAPGUI applications.

  1. In either Source view or the Controls menu tree, select a control field for which you want to verify the return value. Controls that can be verified have blue outlines around them. Most controls that are outlined in orange can also be verified.
  2. Right-click within the control field and choose Verify Value. The Insert Value Verification Function dialog box displays. Use this dialog to specify the type of verification function that should be inserted into the BDL script.
  3. From the Verify that the value of the selected control list box, select is equal to or is not equal to (based on your requirements).
  4. Specify whether the verification should use a constant value or a parameter value.
  5. Specify whether the verification is to be Case sensitive and if white spaces should be ignored.
  6. In the Severity group box, specify the severity that should be raised if the verification returns a negative result.
  7. Click OK. The function is then added to your test script.

Once the BDL script has been successfully modified, repeat this process for each verification that you want to add to your BDL script.