Trying Out a Generated Script

With TryScript runs only a single virtual user is run and the stress test option is enabled so that there is no think time or delay between transactions.

Note: Although Citrix TrueLogs do not include live display of data downloaded during testing (via TrueLog Explorer) Citrix Web Interface TrueLogs do include live display of downloaded data. Both TrueLog types include the writing of log files, report files, and replay within the Silk Performer Citrix Player.

If you have configured parsing or verification functions based on Citrix OCR support, you must generate an OCR font database before attempting a TryScript run, otherwise these functions may not operate correctly.

  1. Click Try Script on the Silk Performer Workflow bar. The Try Script dialog box opens.
  2. To view live display of page content within TrueLog Explorer during replay (Citrix Web Interface TrueLogs only), select the Animated Run with TrueLog Explorer check box. The Visible Citrix Client option (Citrix TrueLogs only, not available for Citrix Web Interface TrueLogs) enables visual replay in the Silk Performer Citrix Player during TryScript runs.
  3. Click Run.
    Note: You are not running an actual load test here, only a test run to see if your script requires debugging.
  4. The TryScript run begins. The Silk Performer Monitor window opens, giving you detailed information about the run’s progress.