Citrix XenApp Support

Silk Performer provides record and replay support for the testing of applications that are hosted via Citrix XenApp session and application virtualization technologies.

Citrix facilitates real-time access to shared applications over networks and the Internet. Remote access to Citrix-enabled applications can be over DSL, T1, ISDN, or dial-up. Citrix enables multiple users to run shared applications simultaneously. Communication between Citrix plug-ins (clients) and servers consists of exchange of user inputs (keyboard/mouse) and screen shots.

Silk Performer supports both Citrix server recording and Citrix hosted application recording. Citrix plug-ins offer access to specific applications and multiple desktop windows.

The Citrix Web Interface enables users to access hosted XenApp applications and XenDesktop virtual desktops without connecting directly to host computers. Users access these resources either via a Web browser or the Citrix online plug-in.

Silk Performer offers two Citrix project types:

The PDF-based Citrix XenApp Tutorial walks you through the entire process of testing Citrix-enabled applications. The tutorial is available in Silk Performer at Start > All Programs > Silk > Silk Performer 21.0 > Documentation > Tutorials > Citrix XenApp .
Note: Silk Performer Help includes all of the content that is included in the Citrix XenApp Tutorial.

Citrix Program Neighborhood

Rather than relying on the Web Interface to distribute applications, earlier versions of Citrix use the Windows-based Citrix Program Neighborhood. The Citrix Program Neighborhood allows users to view a listing of all available applications that are by Citrix XenApp on-demand application delivery servers. An enumeration of available resources takes place automatically each time you launch the Citrix Program Neighborhood via the Citrix Browser Service.
Important: When applications are distributed via the Citrix Program Neighborhood you must configure the Citrix published application recording service to start on your system or the Citrix Program Neighborhood will not be able to update your applications list.