Configuring System Settings for OCR

  1. Within Silk Performer, go to Settings/System.../ and select the Citrix icon.
  2. On the OCR tab, use the Add >> and Add All buttons to move those fonts that you wish to have used for OCR from the System Fonts list box to the Chosen Fonts list box.
  3. Use the Remove All and << Remove buttons to delete unnecessary fonts from the Chosen Fonts list box.
  4. In the Sizes field, specify the font size range that should be used (for example, 8-20).
  5. Define which font styles should be included by selecting the Italic, Bold, and Underlined check boxes. Make sure you select the Underlined check box if you want to verify menu entries.
  6. Click Generate Font Database.
  7. The Build Font Base dialog box opens. Click OK to confirm that you want to replace the existing font database with a new database.
    Note: If you encounter problems while generating the font database, it is likely a data execution prevention issue. To resolve the issue, please see the section below.
  8. Click OK on the Silk Performer System Settings dialog box to accept the changes.