Citrix TrueLogs

The Silk Performer Citrix Player open for Citrix TryScript runs. TrueLog Explorer opens for Citrix Web Interface TryScript runs (when the Animation checkbox on the TryScript dialog box is checked). TrueLog Explorer displays the data that is actually downloaded during TryScript runs.

By selecting a high-level synchronization node you see a bitmap of the window captured during replay just as it appeared after the last synchronization function.

Window synchronization functions are visualized with colored borders. Window creations are indicated with green borders. Window activations are indicated with blue borders. Window destructions are indicated with yellow borders.

TrueLogs work in complement with the Silk Performer Citrix Player by visualizing screen states. For example, if you are not sure which window is indicated by a certain window ID that is listed in the Silk Performer Citrix Player Log window, you can find the corresponding synchronization function in the corresponding TrueLog and thereby access a bitmap that shows the window.

User input nodes (CitrixUserInput and related functions) reflect keyboard and mouse input. CitrixMouseClick functions offer two track vector parameters (X and Y coordinates). Red diamonds indicate mouse-click start points. Red cross-marks indicate mouse release points. A red line between a start and end point indicates the path of the mouse. If there is no move while the button is pressed, then only a red cross is displayed. Onscreen tool tips offer additional information (for example, right-click, left-click, double-click).

Value strings (keyboard input) are visualized onscreen as floating red text until target window captions are identified (in subsequent nodes) to indicate where strings are to be input.