Enabling Citrix Replay on Agents

  1. From the Silk Performer menu bar, select Tools > System Configuration Manager . The System Configuration Manager dialog box appears.
  2. (applicable to all Citrix XenApp client versions) Click the Applications tab. Click the Silk Performer icon. Enter Account and Password credentials for a user account on the agent workstation that has permission to execute Citrix sessions.
  3. To record a Citrix published application that is accessed using the settings defined on the Citrix Recorder Connect dialog box, perform the following:
    1. Expand the Profiles node on the Project menu tree and right-click the active profile. Select Edit Profile.
    2. Scroll down to and click Citrix.
    3. Click the Citrix client tab.
    4. From the Network protocol list box , select TCP/IP + HTTP.
    To record a Citrix published application utilizing an ICA file: In the [WFClient] section of the ICA file, change TcpBrowserAddress= to HttpBrowserAddress=.