Configuring Print Layout Settings

  1. In the Silk Performer menu, click Settings > System .
  2. Click the Layout tab. Use the Printing area to specify options for how script files are formatted when they are printed.
  3. Select the Line number option to automatically number the lines in the printed script file.
  4. Select the Wrap marker option to automatically print a marker at the end of each line that wraps to the next line.
  5. Click the Font button to select a font and style for your printed test scripts. The Printer Font and Colors Settings dialog opens.
  6. From the Text type list, select the type of text for which you want to adjust the font, size, and style. Choose one of the following:
    • Normal Text - Identifiers and symbols.
    • Keywords - Predefined statements.
    • Custom Keywords - Words added to the keyword list by the user.
    • Numbers - Whole numbers and floating-point values.
    • Comments - Notes in explanation included in a script.
    • Strings - Sequence of characters delimited by " characters.
  7. From the Font name, Font size, and Style list boxes, select the format options you want to use for the currently selected text type.
  8. Click OK.