Silk Performer CloudBurst offers an affordable and flexible approach to confirming whether the system under test meets your performance requirements. CloudBurst enables you to rent virtual infrastructure, virtual users, or a combination of the two for as long as you need them.

With CloudBurst you can run load tests without permanent licenses. You are charged on a per-use basis, up to a number of concurrently executed virtual users within a 24-hour testing period.

The CloudBurst virtual infrastructure is made available to you in the form of pre-configured, ready-to-use cloud agents, which can be deployed across multiple geographical regions. You can even combine pay-per-usage CloudBurst virtual agents with other agents you may have access to in your on-premise testing infrastructure (using a permanent Silk Performer license), all within the same load test.

If you choose to run tests with workload that requires additional virtual users beyond what your permanent Silk Performer license offers, you can use your CloudBurst license to deliver the additional virtual users on a pay-per-use basis.