Silk Performer .NET Explorer

This section offers a brief overview of how you can use .NET Explorer to test Web services with Silk Performer. .NET Explorer is a tool that allows you to create test cases through a point and click interface. .NET Explorer provides support for the following .NET technologies:
  • SOAP Web services
  • .NET Remoting
  • .NET Components (other classes)

You can use the .NET Explorer to create test scenarios. You can then use the test scenarios to run component testing in .NET Explorer or you can export the test scenarios to Silk Performer for testing.

You can also use .NET Explorer to generate test drivers, in either C# or VB.NET, that contain all test logic defined for test scenarios. You can export the test drivers to Visual Studio .NET where you can make further customizations and where you can execute TryScript runs directly in Visual Studio .NET. Once you have completed the customization, you can execute tests with Silk Performer.

.NET Explorer requires permanent projects. This was not the case with previous versions as it was possible to save current projects at any time. When you launch .NET Explorer you are prompted to either create a new project or open an existing project by choosing from a recent file list or by browsing for a .NET Explorer project file, of type .NEF.

For additional details on .NET Explorer, refer to the .NET Explorer Help.