Sample Scripts

Sample script reuse is a timesaving possibility for those who want to generate Silk Performer test scripts manually (and bypass the standard method, which uses the Silk Performer Recorder).

Sample project files, including scripts, include files, data files, profile files, workload definitions, and more, are available from the Type list on the Outline Project dialog when you are initially prompted to outline a new project. These files can be used as templates that you can edit manually to meet your needs.

Silk Performer test scripts are written in the program's proprietary scripting language, the Benchmark Description Language (BDL), which is a high-level language that resembles Pascal. To edit scripts manually, you must be familiar with BDL and be able to create prototypes of user requests. You must also be able to define the typical components of a test script, including modules, functions, workload definitions, transactions, and Web forms.