Recording Oracle Forms on Sockets

The communication channel between the Java applet on the client and the Oracle Forms server can either be via HTTP/HTTPS or raw TCP/IP sockets. To accurately record an Oracle Forms script when the application you want to record uses sockets, there is a setting that you must change in Silk Performer's System Settings.

  1. In the Silk Performer menu, click Settings > System .
  2. Click the Recorder icon. The Recording Profiles page opens.
  3. Click the Proxies tab.
  4. Select the SOCKS proxy entry and click the Edit button. The Proxy Settings dialog appears.
  5. In the Suppress recording (only forward data) field, enter the port that your Oracle Forms application uses for communication with the applet.
  6. Click OK. If you fail to suppress the port, Silk Performer will record on both the Oracle Forms level and the TCP/IP level. This will generate a script with mixed OraForms and WebTcp calls.
Note: Disable the socks port of your application when your application uses raw socket communication.