Developing Performance Tests in Visual Studio

The Silk Performer Visual Studio extension allows you to develop performance tests in Microsoft Visual Studio. It offers functionality to record web technologies, supporting both the protocol-level as well as the browser-driven approach. The recording functionality of the Visual Studio extension resembles the one of the Silk Performer Workbench and includes capturing web traffic and user interactions. The captured information can be converted into a C# class including methods, each representing a user transaction.

The Visual Studio extension offers a comprehensive C# binding for all kernel, web, and browser API functions. Thus, it combines the rich development feature set of Visual Studio, including all debugging features, with the powerful load testing capabilities of Silk Performer, including capture file recording and TrueLog analysis.

Tests created with the Visual Studio extension can be executed either within Visual Studio for trial runs, or within Silk Performer for concurrency and load testing scenarios. When exporting C# projects to Silk Performer, a short BDL script stub is generated, containing calls into the compiled C# code (assembly).

To learn how to install the Visual Studio extension, refer to the Installation Guide.