Working with the Web Client

Before you can use the Web client, you must configure the Web client by specifying the URL of the Web service.

Before working with the Web client, run the simple client. The simple client automatically creates system users with which the Web client can interact.

The Web client communicates with the Web service. The Web client allows you to login to the system and create new users. When you login, you can view your message store, delete your messages, or send new messages to other users in the system. Usernames are case-sensitive. If an error occurs while you are executing a method, the error will be displayed in red.

  1. Start your browser and load the URL http://localhost/MessageWebClient/default.aspx. A login page is displayed.
  2. Enter login credentials for an existing user account or create a new user account (see instructions in the task below). The first time you login, use User1 for the Username and Pass1 for the Password.
  3. Click Login. When you log in you are redirected to the Your Message Store page where you can see any messages that are in the active user's message store, including any messages that have been sent using the sample Win32 client or the simple client.

    You can send messages to other users in the system, same as you can with the sample Win32 client (see instructions in the task below).

  4. Review the server console output window. The window displays information related to the activities you performed with the Web client, including user creation, sent messages, and logins.

Be sure to log out after you finish your work.