String verification via optical character recognition (OCR) is achieved using CitrixVerifyText API calls. These functions are inserted via TrueLog Explorer during script customization. CitrixVerifyText functions compare text strings in replay bitmaps to determine if they are identical.

CitrixParseText functions are available for parsing text. These API calls work in the same way as other Silk Performer parsing functions.

Optical character recognition relies on pattern databases to recognize varying fonts and text styles. Font databases must be generated before OCR can be run.

Citrix TrueLogs show verification and parsing API calls in the tree view.

Note: OCR operations must be performed on stable content because when working with frequently changing screen images replay timing is critical. When synchronizing on window events it is possible that screen refresh may be slightly delayed, which will result in timing dependent outcome. Therefore it is good practice to either script a wait or a CitrixWaitForScreen function call before each OCR verification/ parsing function.

The following two screen examples show the output of verification and parsing functions after TryScript runs.