Verification and Parsing via OCR

Silk Performer support for optical character recognition (OCR) simplifies session-dependent verifications and parsing by recognizing text values in the screengrabs of captured application states.

Verification and parsing functions are added via TrueLog Explorer after script recording.

Window Position and State

Window position and state (maximized/minimized) is important for insuring accurate replay as TrueLog Explorer scripts screen coordinates where selected text is to be read from relative to the desktop, not individual windows. So if a window appears in a different position during replay than it did during recording, OCR operations will not be able to locate the specified text. If it is not possible to specify an absolute position, the script must be manually updated using coordinates relative to windows.

Adding OCR Verification Functions

With OCR support Silk Performer enables the storing of recognizable text values in variables, thereby simplifying session-dependent verifications in Citrix tests.