Generating an OCR Verification Function

  1. From Silk Performer record a Citrix session
  2. Run a TryScript run with the Animation checkbox selected on the TryScript dialog box. This opens TrueLog Explorer.
  3. When the TryScript run is complete, select a CitrixSynchronization API node (or child node) that includes a bitmap screengrab of a page on which you want to verify text.
  4. Click and drag your cursor onscreen to select the page region that includes the text you want to use for verification.
  5. Right-click in the selected area and select Verify Selected Text from the context menu.
  6. The Insert Text Verification Function dialog box opens. The selected text is pre-loaded into the constant value edit box and the constant value radio button is selected by default. In addition to being able to verify against a constant value, you can also verify against an existing parameter or a new parameter. To verify against a parameter, select the parameter radio button. If a parameter already exists, clicking “...” enables you to browse to and select the parameter. If no parameters exist, clicking “...” launches the Parameter Wizard, which you can use to create a new parameter.
  7. From the Verify that the text in the selected rectangle is drop list, select equal or not equal.
  8. Specify whether or not the verification is to be Case sensitive and should Ignore whitespaces.
  9. In the Severity portion of the dialog box, specify the severity that is to be raised if the verification returns a negative result (Error, Warning, Informational, or Custom).
  10. Click OK.
  11. A confirmation dialog box appears. Click OK to add the OCR verification function to your Citrix test script.