Comparing Replay and Record TrueLogs

When testing terminal emulation applications, differences can occur in corresponding field values between replay and record TrueLogs. Some differences may result in replay errors.

  1. Open a replay TrueLog and click Analyze Test on the workflow bar. The Analyze Test dialog box opens.
  2. Click Compare your test run.
  3. The associated record TrueLog opens in compare view. The Step through TrueLog dialog box also opens.
  4. Select an interval to search by (Stable Screens, API nodes, or Errors).
  5. Click Find Next to advance to the first set of corresponding stable screens, API calls, or errors in the record and replay TrueLogs. Visually compare the values and states of the controls and screenshots to see if there are any differences.
  6. Once you have completed any required customizations (based on differences you have discovered), click Try Script Run to confirm that your customizations run without error.
  7. Analyze the results of subsequent test runs to determine whether your customizations were successful or if further customization is required.
  8. Click Compare Mode to disable compare mode.
  9. Repeat this procedure as many times as is required until your script is fully customized and all necessary customizations have been added.

Synchronizing Record and Replay TrueLogs

When in compare mode, you can synchronize corresponding API nodes between replay and record TrueLogs.

  1. Enable compare mode.
  2. Open a set of record and replay TrueLogs.
  3. Right-click an API node for which you want to establish synchronization.
  4. Select Synchronize TrueLogs. TrueLog Explorer then locates the API node in the matching TrueLog that best correlates with the selected API node.