Creating a .NET Framework Project

Before proceeding, start the message server.

For full details about the Silk Performer .NET Framework, see .NET Framework Help.

  1. Create a new Silk Performer project of type .NET > .NET Framework using Visual Studio .NET Add-On.
  2. Use the Model Script dialog to bring up Visual Studio .NET.
  3. Code a .NET test driver.
  4. A sample test driver implementation that tests the .NET remoting server and the Web service can be found at <public user documents>\Silk Performer 21.0\SampleApps\DOTNET\Message Sample\SPVNetTestDriver.
  5. Open the project in Visual Studio .NET and execute a Try Script run.
  6. After the run, review the TrueLog and open the user's WRT file.
The sample sends a message from User1 to User2 (where User1 is connected to the remoting server and User2 is connected to the Web service).