Configuring Silk Performer for OCR

To enable optical character recognition (OCR) for Citrix parsing and verification functions using the font-based OCR approach, you must generate a font database via Silk Performer system settings.

Font-based optical character recognition relies on font, or “pattern” databases to recognize fonts and text styles in bitmaps. The default set of fonts covers most scenarios, however in some situations you may wish to add additional fonts or font styles. A new database should be generated whenever new fonts are added or removed from the system.

Including too many fonts in the database can slow down processing and lead to contradictory reading, so it is recommended that you only include those fonts that are used in the bitmaps from which you will be capturing text strings.

  1. In Silk Performer, go to Settings > System... and choose the Citrix icon.
  2. On the Font-based OCR page, use Add >> and Add All to move those fonts that you want to have used for OCR from the System Fonts list box to the Chosen Fonts list box.
  3. Use Remove All and << Remove to delete unnecessary fonts from the Chosen Fonts list box.
  4. In the Sizes text box, specify the font size range that should be used (for example, 8-20).
  5. Define which font styles should be included by checking the Italic, Bold, and Underlined check boxes.
  6. Click Generate Font Database.
  7. The Build Font Base dialog box opens. Click OK to confirm that you want to replace the existing font database with a new database.
  8. Click the Fuzzy OCR tab and select a language. This setting helps the fuzzy OCR engine to deliver better results for a particular language.
  9. Click OK on the System Settings dialog box to accept the changes.