Session ID Identification

Because session IDs differ between recorded and replayed sessions, they are easily identified by comparing a record TrueLog to a replay TrueLog.

Session IDs can be found easily with TrueLog Explorer. Click Customize Session Handling on the workflow bar to automatically open the recorded TrueLog file that is associated with the open replay TrueLog. By reading through record and replay TrueLogs line by line, the differences in HTML responses between record and replay scripts can easily be identified
Note: Manual line-by-line reading is not required because the Differences page automatically lists the differences for you.

Session IDs should be customized when differing phrases in server response data from recorded sessions can also be found in the URLs of Web API calls or in form fields included in the DCLFORM sections of scripts.

Not all differences between returned data from record sessions and returned data from replay sessions are relevant for session customization. Only when the differences between record and replay sessions are embedded in scripts should session customization be considered. Such instances are indicated by a yellow warning message on the Differences page and by the column BDL Occurrences (when it has a value greater than 0).

Differences that most likely require customization are indicated by orange exclamation points on the Differences page. Differences that most likely do not require customization are indicated with blue question marks (replacing the occurrences of such strings in HTML is not recommended; parsing functions may be inserted for them, but replacements will not be made). Blue exclamation points are informational comments only.