Customizing Think Times

The recorder of Silk Performer records think times as they occur during recording. Often however, this is not what is required. The PeopleSoftApi.bdh file provides a substitute for the ThinkTime API function that is called ThinkTimePS.
function ThinkTimePS( fTime           : float optional;
                      bForceThinkTime : boolean optional);

To customize the script, click Edit in the menu and click Replace. In the Replace dialog box, replace all ThinkTime function calls with ThinkTimePS function calls.

The behaviour of the ThinkTimePS function depends on the value of the bForceThinkTime parameter. When bForceThinkTime is set to false (the default value), ThinkTimePS ignores the value of the fTime parameter and calls the ThinkTime API function with the value of the ThinkTimePS project attribute. The behaviour follows the usual thinktime-related profile settings (for example stresstest, random think time, exponential/uniform distribution, think time limited to x seconds, and so on).

When bForceThinkTime is set to true, ThinkTimePS calls the ThinkTime API function with the value of the parameter fTime and the OPT_THINKTIME_EXACT option. This results in a think time that is exactly as specified, regardless of profile settings and project attributes.

There are two project attributes available for customizing the behaviour of the ThinkTimePS function. Click Project in the menu and click Project Attributes to access these attributes:
  • ThinkTimePS (float): Think time value used by ThinkTimePS when bForceThinkTime is false. Unit: Seconds; Preset: 10.0
  • ForceThinkTime (boolean): Allows for global override of the bForceThinkTime parameter of the ThinkTimePS function. Preset: false