TrueLog Explorer Overview

TrueLog Explorer supports Silk Performer testing efforts with a framework from which you can customize test scripts and perform exhaustive analysis of returned test results.

With an array of tools and reports, TrueLog Explorer helps you build automatic content verification into scripts, insert parsing functions for static session data, and gain insight into the root causes of errors via TrueLog On Error functionality.

Built-in load testing methodology

TrueLog Explorer has been designed around a best-practice approach to load-test script customization and error analysis that guides you from session-handling customization and content verification to user-data customization and, finally, to error analysis. TrueLog Explorer’s workflow bar guides you through this methodology step by step, enabling you to augment tests with session handling, verification checks, and parameterized input data. Ultimately, the workflow bar enables you to run TrueLog On Error analysis.

Note: Most of the examples included in this help system relate specifically to Web applications. However, many of the illustrated concepts can be applied to database, Citrix, Oracle Forms, SAPGUI, AJAX-enhanced Web, terminal emulation-screen applications, and XML-based applications. Many of the concepts can also be applied to the testing of UDP- and TCP/IP-based applications, such as POP3, SMTP, and custom protocols. TrueLog analysis is available for these applications, but script customization is not.