Setting Up a New Eclipse Project

  1. Within a Silk Performer-enabled Eclipse workbench, select File > New > Project . The New Project wizard opens.
  2. Expand the Silk Performer node in the menu tree.
  3. Select the Java Project node and then click Next. The New SilkPerformer load testing capable Java project page opens.
  4. Edit the name of your new project as required.
  5. Edit the Test class name (the name of the initial test class template) as required.
  6. Click Finish. The plug-in generates the test class template in your Eclipse workspace and links the test classes to a test case in your Silk Performer project.
A class path links the new test class into Silk Performer’s workspace so that it works with both the Eclipse editor and Silk Performer. Behind each test class is BDF stub code. This code is generated each time a test class is compiled, so any changes you make to BDF stub code will be overwritten the next time the test class is compiled.