Executing Load Tests Through the Command Line

Command Syntax

PerfExec.exe is a tool that lets you execute load tests through the command line. In contrast to the command line tool performer.exe, which opens the Silk Performer workbench UI, PerfExec.exe operates completely UI-less. Status information about a running test is logged to the command line. To store the output, you can use standard redirection operators like > or >>.

To start PerfExec.exe from a command line, use the following syntax:

perfExec.exe –ltp project file [-wl workload name] [-rd custom results directory]

Here is a sample command with sample parameters:

perfExec.exe –ltp "<my documents>\Silk Performer <version>\Projects\SPProject\SPProject.ltp" –wl Workload1 –rd "<my documents>\ResultsDirectory"
Note: When files or folders in the project path contain spaces, include quotation marks (") around the project path.

Command Line Parameters

Parameter Description
-ltp The path of the project to be executed. Specify an .ltp or .ltz file.
-wl Optional: The name of the workload to be used. If omitted, the active workload is used.
-rd Optional: The path of the results directory. If omitted, the results are stored in the directory of the .ltp file.
-? Displays the help.