Creating User Type Comparison Reports

  1. Open Performance Explorer and add results. The results are loaded into Performance Explorer and display in the tree.
  2. Expand the nodes in the tree until you see the User Types node.
  3. Select a user type and click User Type in the Comparison Report group on the Reports tab. The report displays, showing the selected user type. You can now drag further user types from the tree onto the report.
    • To show all user types in the report at once, select the User Types node and click User Type.
    • To show all user types and an Overall column for the workload, select the Client Measures node and click User Type.
    Tip: You can also right-click a node in the tree and use the commands in the context-menu.
    Note: Only user types from the same load test can be added to a user type comparison report.
  4. To define the results of a certain user type as the baseline, right-click the user type in the baseline pane at the bottom of the report and click Set as baseline.