Comparison Reports

Performance Explorer provides three types of comparison reports:
  • region comparison reports
  • user type comparison reports
  • custom comparison reports

A comparison report allows you to compare the results of up to eight test executions side by side. Its structure resembles the structure of a standard baseline report: Comparison reports contain summaries and statistics regarding transactions, errors, page and action timers, web forms, rankings, and many other measures.

At the bottom of a comparison report, the Baseline Pane displays. This pane includes a column with either the name of a specific region or user type, or a column named Overall if the row contains all test results. The Agents column displays the number of agents that were used for the test in each specified region.

Any test result can be defined as the baseline. All other results will use this baseline as reference and they will be compared to the baseline. In report rankings, the baseline result is always listed first. A b icon or baseline tag identifies the baseline result. All measures that are evaluated against the baseline are identified with heat fields (colored bars in the report). Move your cursor over any heat field to view detailed information. To set a result as the baseline, right-click it and click Set as baseline.