Creating Custom Comparison Reports

  1. Open Performance Explorer and add results. The results are loaded into Performance Explorer and display in the tree.
  2. Select a project node in the tree and click Custom in the Comparison Report group on the Reports tab. The report is created with all load tests that are loaded in Performance Explorer. These are the load tests that appear under the project node in the tree.
  3. You can add further load test results and drag them from the tree onto the report. You can even add load tests as well as user type or region results from various projects to one custom comparison report. A maximum of eight data sets can be included in a single custom comparison report.
    Tip: You can also right-click a node in the tree and use the commands in the context menu.
  4. To define the results of a certain load test as the baseline, right-click the load test in the baseline pane at the bottom of the report and click Set as baseline.