Customizing Timer Names

For easier results analysis, it is desirable to have timer names that can be sorted based on their occurrence in scripts and amended with additional information. To accomplish this, the wrapper functions amend original timer names with additional information.

Project attributes can be used to include any combination of the following items in amended timer names:
  • Agent name
  • Transaction name
  • Modem emulation speed
  • Page counter for the current transaction

The WebPage*PS wrapper functions keep track of internal page numbers, which are prepended to timer names when this option is selected in the project attributes. While page numbers are automatically reset to 0 at the end of each transaction, you can manually reset the page counter at any time by calling the ResetPageCount function.

You may also call the IncPageCount function to manually increment the internal page counter. This is useful for keeping a consistent page counter after an unbalanced if statement.

The WebPage*PS wrapper functions also allow you to specify a specific value for the page counter. This value may be passed as the parameter where the frame name is passed in the original wrapped functions.

Note: Wrapper functions do not allow you to pass a frame name. This rule is also obeyed by the recorder. You may pass the special value PAGE_NUMBER_KEEP to reuse the current page counter, rather than increment it.