Debugging Scripts

Windows may fail to be activated and screen synchronizations may fail when Silk Performer Citrix replay encounters different values during replay than were captured during recording. Sometimes the causes of synchronization problems are not apparent. They may be due to a change in screen position of only a single pixel.

More common than screen synchronization failures are windows not being activated during replay. In such cases the screenshots associated with the corresponding user actions may explain the fault.

Note: Sometimes there is no user fault and a window is activated only sporadically. In such cases you must remove the associated CitrixWaitForWindow function.

Silk Performer Citrix replay captures screengrabs when errors occur (the default setting) and writes the bitmaps to disk. By default, the recorder writes screenshots to the screenshots directory in the project directory. Replay stores screenshots in the current used result directory. Visual comparison of record and replay screens is best achieved using bitmap viewing programs.

The Silk Performer Dump window region of unsuccessful screen synchronizations Citrix option must be activated (the default) to have bitmaps captured and saved.