The script contains the OraFormsInit method call in the init transaction. OraFormsInit defines the server, port, servlet URL and version of your Oracle Forms application. Not all parameters will necessarily be scripted with values as required parameters vary based on version and connection type.

OraFormsInit initializes the internal Oracle Forms replay engine (the actual connect is achieved with OraFormsConnect) and therefore should be one of the first calls in the main transaction.

Wherever a new form window is activated the recorder scripts a OraFormsSetWindow, indicating that the new window is now the active window. OraFormsSetWindow has a special meaning in TrueLogs, which will be discussed later in this chapter.

All of the subsequent method calls until the next OraFormsSetWindow are executed on controls of the current window.

OraFormsDestroy is scripted in the end transaction to shut down the replay engine.