OraFormsVerifyPropPoint Function


Verifies a point property.

Include file



OraFormsVerifyPropPoint(  in sName     :  string,  
                          in nPropId   :  number,  
                          in nX        :  number,  
                          in nY        :  number, 
                          in nSeverity :  number optional := SEVERITY_ERROR ) : boolean;

Return value

  • true if successful
  • false otherwise
Parameter Description
sName The control's unique name.
nPropId The property ID.
nX x part of the point property.
nY y part of the point property.
nSeverity Optional: Severity of the error that is raised if the verification fails. Can be one of the following values:
  • SEVERITY_SUCCESS: Success; no error (numerical value: 0)
  • SEVERITY_INFORMATIONAL: Informational; no error (numerical value: 1)
  • SEVERITY_WARNING: Warning; no error (numerical value: 2)
  • SEVERITY_ERROR: (Default) Error; simulation continues (numerical value: 3)
  • SEVERITY_TRANS_EXIT: Error; the active transaction is aborted (numerical value: 4)
  • SEVERITY_PROCESS_EXIT: Error; the simulation is aborted (numerical value: 5)


transaction TMain 
  sValue :  string; 
  // Connect - with connection properties 
  OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_VERSION",  608); 
  OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_RESOLUTION",  96,  96); 
  OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_DISP_SIZE", 1024,  768); 
  OraFormsSetInt( "INITIAL_COLOR_DEPTH", 256); 
  OraFormsSetString( "FONT_NAME" , "Dialog" ); 
  OraFormsSetPoint( "INITIAL_SCALE_INFO", 8,  18); 
  OraFormsSetBoolean( "WINSYS_REQUIREDVA_LIST",  false); 
  OraFormsConnect( "server module=Person3.fmx userid= useSDI=yes record=names"); 
  OraFormsSetWindow( "Logon"); 
  OraFormsLogon( "user",  "password",  "orcl_server"); 
  // --- 
  // New window activated: WINDOW1 
  OraFormsSetWindow( "WINDOW1"); 
  OraFormsMenuItem( "WINDOW1",  "Query::Execute Query"); 
  OraFormsVerifyPropPoint( "WINDOW1", ORA_PID_OUTERSIZE,  720,  463, SEVERITY_WARNING); 
  OraFormsMenuItem( "WINDOW1",  "Action::Exit"); 
end TMain;