Setting CORBA/IIOP Recording Options

  1. In Silk Performer, expand the Profiles node in the Project tree.
  2. Right-click the profile that you want to configure and choose Edit Profile.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can choose Settings > Active Profile from the menu bar.

    The Profile - [<profile name>] dialog box opens, and the Replay category is displayed in the shortcut list on the left.

  3. In the shortcut list on the left, click the Record button. The Record category is displayed.
  4. In the shortcut list, click the CORBA/IIOP icon.
  5. Click the Recording tab.
  6. Use the Proprietary ORB features support area to specify whether to consider ORB-specific features when generating test scripts based on recorded IIOP traffic. When appropriate options are selected, generated scripts become more readable.
  7. Select IIOP traffic-recording options:
    • Orbix for Orbix-specific features
    • OrbixWeb for OrbixWeb-specific features
    • VisiBroker C++ for VisiBroker for C++ features
    • VisiBroker Java for VisiBroker for Java features
    • M3 C++ for BEA Millennium for C++ features
    • M3 Java for BEA Millennium for Java features
  8. From the CORBA version of IDL file list box, select the CORBA version of the application under test. When an application uses a CORBA version between 2.0 and 2.2, select 2.0 from the list box. When an application uses CORBA 2.3 or CORBA 3.0, select 3.0 from the list box.
  9. In the Preprocessor arguments text box, enter any number of arguments that are to be passed to the preprocessor of the IDF file parser. For example, the arguments may be used to specify the include directory and to execute predefined macros.
  10. Use the IDL files loaded list to view all of the IDL files that are currently used by the Silk Performer Recorder to generate high-level test scripts. Whenever the corresponding interface is defined in an IDL file, the Recorder generates type-dependent functions for specifying the parameters of CORBA operation calls in the test script.
  11. Click OK to save your settings.