Replaying Apps for Mobile Devices

Simulate transactions as virtual mobile device users to test applications for mobile devices.
  1. In the menu bar, click Settings > Active Profile . The Profile dialog box appears.
  2. Click Replay and Internet. In the Bandwidth Simulation section, define the required bandwidth configuration. For mobile traffic simulation one of the following might be appropriate:
    • GPRS
    • EDGE
    • UMTS
    • HSDPA
    • HSPA+
    • LTE
  3. Click Web to select a mobile device. The following mobile device settings are available:
    • iPhone
    • iPad
    • Android
    • Windows Phone
    • Blackberry
    Note: If you need a different mobile browser type, you can use the Custom option to specify your browser's parameters.
  4. Follow the remaining workflow steps to define your workload and run the test.