Verification Checks with TrueLog Explorer

TrueLog Explorer enables you to insert content-verification functions into test scripts to verify the accuracy of content that is returned by application servers during testing.

TrueLog Explorer offers wizards that add verification functions to your scripts to verify control values at any time during an application's life cycle. To add a verification function, right-click in the Value column of a control that you wish to verify and select the relevant context menu.

When you identify the content that you want to verify, all required verification functions can be generated and automatically inserted into your test script. To identify content that is to be verified (within rendered HTML, HTML source code, SQL commands, Oracle Forms, or elsewhere), select and right-click it.

Verifications can be applied visually inTrueLog Explorer Rendered and Source views using any of the following methods:
  • Script menu
  • Add Verifications dialog box
  • Context menus within Rendered, Source, and Form Controls views
  • workflow bar