Java Framework Support

As a powerful extension to Silk Performer’s Benchmark Description Language, the Java Framework enables you to implement user behavior in Java. When testing an existing Java application you do not need to spend much time creating test scripts. The only effort required is embedding existing Java source code into the framework. Refer to the Java Framework Developer Guide for detailed information.

To generate a benchmark executable and run a test with the help of the Java framework, two source files are typically required:

Both source files need to have the same name, with extensions indicating the file types (.bdf for the Silk Performer test script and .java for the Java source file).

With Silk Performer it is possible to call Java functions on any Java object from a BDL context with any number and type of parameter and return parameter. When a Java function returns a complex object, a handle for the Java object is returned in its place. The handle can be passed to other function calls as an input parameter, or public methods may be invoked on the object. There is also support for static methods, cast operations, and exception handling.