MapiSendMessage Function


Creates a new message in the active session and sends it right away.

Include file



MapiSendMessage( in hSession      : number, 
                 in sSubject      : string,
                 in sMessageText  : string, 
                 in sMessageType  : string, 
                 in sSenderName   : string, 
                 in sSenderAddress: string, 
                 in sToName       : string, 
                 in sToAddress    : string ) : boolean;
Parameter Description
hSession Valid MAPI Session Handle
sSubject Subject for the Mail Message
sMessageText Body Text for the Mail Message
sMessageType For normal messages - this parameter should be NULL. Depending on the Mail Client - different Message Types might be supported, e.g.: Notes, Calendar, …
sSenderName Display name of the Mail Sender
sSenderAddress Mail address of the Mail Sender
sToName Display name of the Mail Recipient
sToAddress Mail address of the Mail Recipient

Return value

  • true if successful
  • false otherwise


See MAPI Sample